NEKOPARA Extra Now Available On Steam With Plenty Of Lolis

If you enjoyed the NEKOPARA series but felt as if there were just too many fully developed, voluptuous catgirls to fondle and ogle, don’t you worry your fuzzy little butthole about it, because developer NEKO Works and Sekai Project recently released NEKOPARA Extra on Steam with plenty of lolis for you to visually caress in the mini-VN for the low, low price of just $4.99.

Like the other NEKOPARA titles, you’ll indulge in the adventure centering around the catgirls Chocola and Vanilla. Only this time around the story centers on the patisserie, La Soleil, a half a year before its official opening, and how Chocola and Vanilla were discovered as young kittens at the Minaduki household before they began working at the patisserie.

The story follows their growth under Kashou, how he becomes viewed as their master, their first Christmas, and more.

NEKOPARA Extra is basically exactly what the name infers: an extra.

The game is designed as an extra episode after the developers had a sterling run on Kickstarter and promised an extra episode as part of the stretch goal from the NEKOPARA OVA crowdfunding campaign.

Sayori returns as the artist to illustrate all the loli content for NEKOPARA Extra. Additionally, the visual novel comes with main audio language support for Japanese with additional subtitle support for English, Japanese, and traditional Chinese.

NEKOpara Extra - Pantyhose

Like every other NEKOPARA outing before it, NEKOPARA Extra has already picked up a strong following of positive user reviews. Gamers love them some catgirl goodness, and even doubly so when it’s loli catgirls.

There’s going to be a lot of Catholics in the confession booth come Sunday.

You can pick up a digital copy of NEKOPARA Extra right now from the Steam store for $4.99. During the first week of being available the game is marked down by 10% off the normal price.


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