Not Tonight Cheats Offer Infinite Cash, While Gets Caught Deleting Reviews
Not Tonight Cheats

The cheat trainers are starting to emerge for the politically charged game, Not Tonight, which is a post-Brexit dystopian simulator. The developer is catching plenty of flak for making a game considered an anti-Conservative, anti-Right title, and this has led to some reviews getting deleted off of

The first trainer is a free trainer that you can download from over on

The trainer only has a few options, which are the following:

  • Give Lots of Cash
  • Unlimited EXP

There’s another cheat trainer for Not Tonight currently available over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Change Cash
  • Super Speed
  • Easy CodR Unlock
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Slow Clock Speed
  • Change Hours
  • Change Minutes
  • Happy Queue
  • Happy VIPs

Most of the cheats are all self explanatory, and you don’t have to worry about getting VAC banned or your account reported since it’s a single-player game. You may have to worry about your negative review getting deleted on the store page, though.

According to reports on Kotaku in Action, it’s been verified that is continuing their path down Leftist convergence by deleting reviews.

In a forum thread over on the forums, one of the staff confirmed that they have been deleting reviews from “users who didn’t play the game”.

One of the members of the team, going by the handle of Linko90, posted a message to clear up the confusion, writing…

“So just to give an overview of the review situation:


“1) A number of reviews were posted that exclusively consisted of political rants with no mention of the game’s quality or lack of. This is not a review


“2) Fake reviews that were both pro and anti-Brexit were posted, they were both deleted equally.


“3) The only two review left are reviews that talk about the game and what the game consists of. These are fine, as they’re actually reviews.


“4) All of the fake reviews were posted by users who did not own the game.


“We understand the game is political by nature. Whether you are pro or anti is irrelevant, the key factor is leaving an actual review of the game.


“I hope this clears things up.”

Many users pointed out that a lot of the reviews being deleted were pro-Brexit in tone, and this is rather significant because the game is very clearly anti-Brexit. defended their decision to delete the reviews, however, claiming that they offered nothing of value in explaining the game.

Forum users rightfully pointed out that reviews criticizing the game for its political nature has everything to do with the game since the entire premise is inherently political.

InvisibleJim writes…

“False because they describe the politically loaded qualities of the game; particularly of a politically loaded game.


“But we all know what’s SJW employees are doing here: trying to drum up sales for a shitty indie developer that shares their toxic ideals; likely at a push from the ridiculous anti-gamer journalists they love like VG24/7 – see the Postal incident for another example of how cancerous has become.


“The lesson is simple: do not buy games on Get woke? Go broke.”

After Linko90 and other staff were called out for supporting the SJW agenda, Linko90 reiterated that the only reviews that were deleted were the ones that didn’t discuss the mechanics, the story, or showcase the ability to “convey the desired experience.

Linko90 rounded out the comment by taking a swipe at anti-SJWs, writing

“[…] At this point, I feel official insight into the process is lost on people wishing to echo their favourite Youtuber motto. “

This is actually a common sense marketing motto.

You want to get woke? Well, prepare to get broke.

There is a growing list of indie, AA, and AAA games that have all gone broke trying to appease the phantom audience constantly propped up as some major marketing force by SJWs in games media.

Regardless, gamers know that SJWs don’t buy games and that the only way normies can be tricked into buying SJW games is if companies work with the corrupt journalists to promote unworthy games to the front pages of major outlets, like Gone Home.

But the writing is clearly on the wall for CD Projekt Red and its subsidiary, The writing is clearly on the wall that they have succumbed to the kind of Liberal orthodoxy that has ruined so many other companies, as evident with the fact that they’ve apologized to SJWs three times after making non-offensive tweets. They also groveled for forgiveness from ResetEra, the most hostile video game forum on the internet.

(Thanks for the news tip Unperson)


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