Phantom Doctrine Cheats Offer Infinite Health, Money, XP And AP

Looking for cheat trainers for Good Shepherd and CreativeForge Games’ Phantom Doctrine? If you want to cheat in 1983 and see the world teeter into your favor, a slew of active cheat trainers are now available to download for PC right now.

Notice: Phantom Doctrine features online play, it should be noted that this mode should be avoided if you are going to cheat since it will likely cause a ban. These cheats should be used during the single-player mode and not with other players.

The first cheat trainer is available for free, which you can download over on

The Phantom Doctrine trainer contains the following options:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Action Points
  • Unlimited Fire Points
  • Unlimited Awareness
  • Weaken Units
  • Unlimited Money
  • Max Circulatory
  • Max Sensory
  • Max Respiratory
  • Max Motoric
  • Unlimited Ammo

Fighting through the Cold War with hot cheats should melt any problems away as if they weren’t even present. Speaking of cheats, you can get a hold of 20 right here:

  • Can Play as Mossad Agents
  • Unlimited Ability Use/AP/FP
  • Can Move Long Distances
  • No Reload
  • AI Enemies Don’t React
  • Reset HP of Unit Under Mouse
  • Prevent Alarm from Being Raised
  • Unlimited Command Points
  • Fast Hideout Craft Workshop Items
  • Fast Hideout Tech Upgrades
  • Unlimited Money
  • Reset Hideout Danger Level
  • Set Weak HP of Unit Under Mouse
  • Reset HP Selected Crew in Crew Headquarters
  • Set XP
  • Set Circulatory
  • Set Sensory
  • Set Respiratory
  • Set Motoric
  • Reset Heat

These cheats can be snagged by heading on over to website

If, however, you’re not fond of Cheat Happens and wish to download an alternate set of cheats, you have the following trainers to view:

  • Inf.Health
  • Inf.AP
  • Inf.Awareness
  • Inf.Fire Points
  • Inf.Ammo
  • Inf.Resources
  • No Danger

As featured on, all seven trainers can be retrieved here by paying said site a visit.

The fate of humanity in this game is said to lie in your hands, but with the added help of cheats, it should be an easy job doing whatever it is that you’re after once these trainers have been activated.

Anyway, you can get this game on Steam or for $35.99, which the special running now will end on August 21st, where its initial price point will go back to $39.99.


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