Prison Simulator Lets You Spy And Beat On Prisoners

If for some reason you want to experience the life of a prison guard and spy or beat on prisoners, it looks like you will have the chance to do so early next year. The PC game by PlayWay S.A. and Baked Games for Steam (not Early Access) will release on February 13th, 2019.

Prison Simulator brings a whole new level of brutality to the cell blocks, from beating on prisoners for no good reason to flogging them for breaking the rules, the harsh reality of prison life will be yours to experience at launch.

Furthermore, you can play detective and search prisoner cells for drugs and other paraphernalia, or you can join in and keep quiet about illegal trades and drug deals. Of course, if you chime in with underground trades, you can get cash and other stuff from inmates.

Speaking of chiming in on bad behavior, you can also spy on inmates and see what’s going down. Just make sure you don’t get caught.

Players wanting to be straight-laced and play by the books will find that not only can they bust illegal drug scenes wide open, they can also have bad prisoners executed.

Moreover, Prison Simulator also features a campaign and a free play mode. Although the game looks rough around the edges and linear in the trailer, the devs claim that the sim allows free prison exploration in both the campaign and free play modes.

You can learn more about this game by heading on over to Prison Simulator’s Steam page or If those two aren’t enough for you, the official trailer showing off the game can be looked over right here:

“Prison Simulator is an opportunity to play the role of a prison guard! Will you survive your promotion, balancing on a thin line between the satisfaction of the prison management and aggressive and dangerous convicts?”


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