Project Genesis, Blockchain-Powered Space Sim Announced

Project Genesis

8 Circle Studios announced that they have a new game in the works called Project Genesis. The upcoming title is a deep space survival simulator that takes players across a persistent universe while engaging in space battles, and on-foot FPS action.

Project Genesis will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain, giving gamers a large-scale persistent playground in which they will explore, adventure, and fight in. The core of the game is about piloting massive ships and duking it out in space, and then attempting to sabotage enemy capital ships by infiltrating them and engaging in first-person combat action.

But that’s not all, they’re gunning for something even more ambitious by attaching Project Genesis to the Ethereum blockchain. Producer Terry Hammer, a producer at 8 Circuit Studios, mentioned in the press release that gamers will be able to take ships, items, weapons, and objects from Project Genesis and use them in other video games…

“Project Genesis is going to be a perfect fit for gamers looking for an experience that combines intense first-person shooters with white-knuckle third-person space combat,”


“It’s going to be far more than just a space shooter, we are going to push the whole experience by integrating the Ethereum blockchain – allowing players the ability to carry digital assets they earn and acquire, like ships and weapons, into other games.”

That actually sounds really neat (depending on how it’s executed, of course).

All this text and no video will likely make space sim fans bored. So thankfully 8 Circle Studios provided a trailer that you can check out below.

In the two and a half minute trailer we get a very basic outline of the story, explaining that humanity is practically on the brink of extinction and a lot of the exploration, terraforming, and conquest is handled by machines.

From here we see some really fascinating tech on display where the capital ships take damage and deconstruct procedurally.

Players then take their ship and attempt to board and make their way through the tight corridors of the enemy vessel.

I’m still a little skeptical on the actual process of going from space combat to waltzing through the deck of the ship. But it’s still early in development so I’m sure that will all be ironed out in due time.

You can keep track of developmental progress for Project Genesis by visiting the official website.