Puppet Master: Littlest Reich Trailer Sees Nazi Puppets Going On A Gory Rampage
Puppet Master

If you like puppets, if you like killer Nazi puppets, and if you like killer Nazi puppets going on a killing spree with gory results, then you’ll probably enjoy Tommy Wiklund and Sonny Laguna’s low-budget horror-comedy, Puppet Master; Littlest Reich.

The movie is currently in theaters, but in case you missed the trailer from earlier in August, it gives you a brief rundown of how a dude named Edgar going through a divorce decides to sell an old puppet at an auction taking place on the 30th Anniversary of the Toulon Murders. Something evil shakes the atmosphere and the puppets get possessed, going on a murderous, gory, maim-filled killing spree.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of RLJE Films.

Now first thing is first: this movie is an indie film, which is why the camera looks cheap and the practical gore effects look like they come out of a 1970s grindhouse film.

Now that we got that obvious bit of info out of the way, let’s talk about the fact that the film has some very conspicuous allusions to what appears to be an SJW. She has the purple hair, hipster glasses, and a face expression that seems poised for Soylent intake.

I can only imagine what sort of fate awaits her, especially when you see some of the gory fatalities that befall the other characters, including disembowelment, limbs being blown off, decapitations, chest explosions, and lots of stabbings.

The trailer also goes so far as to make a joke about how the Nazi puppets were small enough to be infiltrators and may have been the only way that the Germans found Anne Frank.

Given that this is an indie flick it’s a given that they can make the kind of jokes you’ll never see in a full-blown, big-budget Hollywood flick.

However, this isn’t an entirely original series. This is actually part of the Full Moon Productions’ Puppet Master low-budget B-movie flicks from back in the 1980s. Some of the commenters are saying this is the thirteenth production in the series. I suppose film aficionados would fare better at the sequential canonization of the films than I, but it would require slightly more historical fact-checking than I’m willing to employ for this article.

Obviously it lacks the visual menace of the older films, but it appears to want to make up for it with all the gore.

You can find Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich in select theaters.

(Thanks for the news tip Hawk Hopper)


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