Rage In Peace, A Game About Trying To Die Peacefully Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Rage In Peace

One of the most original games set to come out this year is the Indonesian title Rage In Peace. It reminds me of Binding of Isaac meets Office Space. The game is about a dude named Timmy Malinu who simply wants to die peacefully in his own bed. However, the grim reaper has other plans for Timmy, and basically attempts to make his death as painful and gruesome as possible.

The object of the game is get Timmy home so that he can die in his bed and die peacefully. However, there are a number of monsters and beastly things that go bump in the light that will attempt to mutilate, rip, tear, and kill Timmy like there’s no tomorrow.

This is one of the craziest games I’ve seen in a while, and it’s all fueled by a lot of Indonesian culture, and by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho de Souza. You can check out the very captivating trailer for Rage In Peace below.

Toge Productions and developer Rolling Glory Jam are hoping to expose gamers to humor, fun, and a bit of challenge while also including music from 10 different independent Indonesian musical bands.

According to Rolling Glory Jam game director, Dominikus D Putranto, it wasn’t just about dabbling into the motif of the macabre, it was also about exploring the existential state of humanity through humor and fun…

“Ever since we prototyped Rage in Peace in 2014 at IndieVsPewDiePie Game Jam, it’s become a labor of love for us. We wanted to make a game that was both fun to play and contained a deeper meaning about the human experience. We think Rage in Peace strikes that delicate balance perfectly.”

Rage In Peace is scheduled to launch later this fall for PC, and Nintendo Switch owners can look for a release set to take place later in the year.


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