Repentant, Crime-Drama Point-And-Click Launches On Steam

Anate Studio’s indie-made point-and-click crime-drama, Repentant, launched on Steam recently for $6.99. The voice-acted game follows a criminal named Oliver who begins to suffer from a strong sense of remorse over his life of crime. He attempts to find some way to make penance for his wrongdoing while also dealing with alcoholism and depression.

Obviously, this is not a typical mystery point-and-click game like you might be used to. Oliver has an ex-wife who hates him for ruining their marriage, and a string of crimes to his name. One day he witnesses a robbery take place at the hands of a young girl, and decides that this could be a moment for atonement for him by helping another person out of a bad bind, only, things don’t quite go as he planned.

You can check out the launch trailer below to get an idea of what the game is like.

In Anate Studio’s game you play a racially ambiguous guy named Oliver, who encounters Christina, who robs a convenience store.

The game uses flash-style animations for the characters, and takes a deep, dark turn down a journey into human depravity, depression, and regret. As showcased in the trailer, there also appears to be a healthy dose of ryona, for gamers who care about that kind of content in a point-and-click game.

Repentant - Ryona

The backgrounds, however, are hand-painted and there’s also the inclusion of plenty of puzzles. According to the Steam store page there’s an “unexpected ending”, and judging by the imagery in the trailer it’s tough to tell exactly how a game like this might turn out.

A lot of gamers missed out on the initial release of Repentant because it launched alongside Wadget Eye Games’ Unavowed, which also came out around the exact same time.

Anyway, the game features a soundtrack from Abstracode along with full English voiceovers. You can pick up a digital copy of Repentant right now from over on the Steam store for $6.99.

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