Republic Of Armenia Officially Promotes Crusader Kings 2, Despite Media Claiming It As Alt-Right
Crusader Kings 2

Back in April of 2018 Newsweek and certain Left-wing Social Justice types began claiming that Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 2 utilized Alt-Right language. It was an attempt to smear the game and the developers by claiming that the phrase “Deus Vult” is associated with far Right communities.

Thankfully, Paradox Interactive brushed off the criticisms by media and continued on their merry way. It turns out that the Republic of Armenia seem to be in the same boat as Paradox Interactive, because they ignored the media’s ridiculous claims and praised Crusader Kings 2 on their official Twitter page.

AllGamesDelta picked up the news from a tweet that was published on August 14th, 2018 by the Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Digital Diplomacy team.

The tweet was liked and retweeted by thousands of Twitter users.

It sparked up discussions about Turks, Armenian strongholds, and a bit of sour history between certain groups.

Nevertheless, the edutainment qualities of Crusader Kings 2 and its aim for historical relevancy and diplomacy probably tickled the fancy of the digital team working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It’s also rather interesting that diplomats would find time to play historical based grand strategy games by Paradox Interactive, and yet here we are. It’s also nice to know that the attempts to smirch the good name of the franchise by Newsweek didn’t sully the game’s view in the eyes of Armenia’s diplomats since they had no qualms about tweeting out their support of the game.

Crusader Kings 2 is currently available right now for PC, and has been available since 2012. You can pick up a digital copy either from the Steam store or from the Paradox Plaza.

(Thanks for the news tip Correctus)

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