RIDE 3 GamesCom Video Reveals First Look At Gameplay

During this year’s GamesCom the first full gameplay video for Milestone’s RIDE 3 went live, featuring a brief look at one of the night races in the game. It’s not very long and it’s impossible to get a good feel of what the physics are like, but it does at least give you a short glimpse at what to expect from the upcoming racing game to round out the trilogy of Milestone’s new franchise.

The video was made available over on the Milestone Team YouTube channel, featuring 40 seconds of straight gameplay from the upcoming racing title. You can check out the video below.

The Unreal Engine 4 is on full display here, especially the physically based rendering.

The night stage gives you a great look at the reflective lights throughout the stage. We see that the light reflections don’t have a lot of LOD, but the physical based rendering is on point. For instance, you can see the orange glow of the skyscrapers in the distance bounce off the wet pavement on the street at the 0:04 mark.

You can also see that the neon glow of the sign create a blue refraction along the straightaway, creating a multi-colored cascade of illumination on the ground below.

This is all part of what Milestone wanted to take advantage of with using the Unreal Engine 4.

As far as speed is concerned, the game moves along at a decent pace. It’s not a carnival of blur like Speed Kings, but you do have a good sense of speed.

It’s impossible to tell exactly what the scope of the handling and physics are going to be like seeing such a limited amount of gameplay.

At the most we can at least deduce that the handling looks smooth, and the slight wobble and bob during the close brush with the other rider while breaking shows that there could be some strong promise in having a game with an in-depth physics system.

You can look for RIDE 3 to launch this fall for home consoles and PC.


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