Rune, Viking Survival-RPG Enters Early Access On Steam September 19th
Rune Game

Human Head Studios and ESDF announced that Rune will officially enter into Steam’s Early Access starting September 19th, 2018 next month. Pre-orders have opened up for the game at $29.99 for the Warrior Pack, and $39.99 for the Berserker Rage Pack. For founders who want the best experience possible, there’s the God Slayer Pack for $59.99.

All of the packs are available over on the official website.

You can also get 15% off on each of the packs using the checkout code “RUNE15”.

However, we all know the rule about pre-ordering… don’t we?

Nevertheless, the basic pack contains a digital copy of the game, an exclusive forum badge, a special weapon, a warrior’s armor set, and a digital world map of the game.

The Berserker Pack comes with everything from the standard pack, but it includes a Berserker specialty weapon, a Berserker armor set, and access to Rune’s official soundtrack.

The God Slayer Pack contains everything from the Berserker pack, but also comes with a ship of the Valkyrie, a Viking warlord armor set, Sigurd’s Axe, an in-game banner, and you get your name posted in the credits when Rune (hopefully) graduates from Early Access.

To commemorate the news Human Head Studios rolled out a brand new trailer that you can check out below.

That trailer is actually pretty badass.

It’s one part MMO, one part survival game, all parts Viking RPG.

You’ll hack and slash your way through an open-world sandbox environment, taking on quests, looting and pillaging villages, and attempting to take down the gods in order to prevent Ragnarok.

According to Human Head partner and project leader, Chris Rhinehart, the idea was to take the classic Rune game from back in 2000 that Human Head developed on the Unreal Engine, and revamp it for today’s generation of hardware. Rhinehart mentioned in the press release…

“With Rune Classic, we worked to push the boundaries of PvP, and with this spiritual successor, we’re now pushing even further with intense, brutal combat mechanics not often seen in these type of games. Use your enemy’s strength against them – literally rip off their arm and then beat them to death with it!”

Some of the gameplay looks a little janky right now, but I think that’s part of the reason why it’s entering into Early Access. Smoother animations, refined combat, and improved gameplay will likely all be on the table as the game moves through the developmental phase.

You can look for Rune to enter into Steam Early Access starting September 19th.


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