Scum Set To Release On PC Via Steam On August 29th

Publisher Devolver Digital and developers Gamepires and Croteam have posted up a new video for their survival online PC game, SCUM. The newly posted video reveals its release date and when gamers and fans can expect SCUM to become available on Steam Early Access.

SCUM is opting to be a very technical game while offering a hardcore experience; in other words, everything that you do has some form of consequence. Trying to game the system in SCUM will be difficult due to the number of values and stats at play, which aims to re-emphasize the importance of adapting and surviving out in the wild.

This gameplay design separates SCUM from being a battle royale type game and more like DayZ if a comparison had to be made.

In addition, the survival game takes temperature, weather, elements, weight and many other factors into consideration that can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and sickness if you don’t assess a soon to be dangerous situation properly.

If all of that sounds like fun, you can play it via Early Access on August 29th, 2018. You can check out the new release date shown in the “Welcome to the Island” trailer here:

If you want to see the tactical side of gunplay and awareness during tense situations in SCUM, an older video details how firefights will play out and what can and can’t help you during a confrontation. The pre-alpha video is quite long but very informative, which sets below:

There’s no telling if the combat will stay the same as shown in the above video since it’s a pre-alpha showing, but we’ll find out soon later this month.

If you want to keep up with SCUM, the devs behind the game promised to update folks on development every week or so. This means that you can follow the latest news about SCUM by hitting up its Facebook, Twitter or official site.