Star Control: Origins Trailer Covers The Different Choices On How To Save Humanity
Star Control Origins

Shortly after announcing that Hollywood actor and the progenitor of #GamerGate, Adam Baldwin, would be lending his voice to one of the characters in Star Control: Origins – which obviously caused game journalists and the typical SJWs to get triggered over the news – Stardock Entertainment decided to give gamers a small taste of what was to come with a brand new GamesCom 2018 trailer.

The new trailer for Star Control: Origins covers the player’s role in attempting to rally their forces and utilize their resources in order to save humanity by “any means necessary”. That’s literally the theme of the trailer.

You can check out the GamesCom promo piece below.

We see some of the characters that you’ll meet, some of the ships you encounter, and some of the planetary exploration. When it comes to the art-style the game looks a lot like No Man’s Sky, but gameplay wise it’s very different from any of the space sims currently on the market.

You’ll take control of the ship, explore planets and moons, battle other space goers, and do whatever is necessary to save humanity. The hook for the game is that you don’t have to go about saving the universe by being a politically correct good guy… you can do so by being a politically incorrect douchebag, or a war-mongering pioneer, or a duplicitous diplomat.

Star Control: Origins attempts to combine the classic character-driven interactions from the older games, with all new overhead space-sim combat. This time around the visuals have been greatly upgraded, with the ability to zoom in close to the spaceships and view the combat and exploration from all new angles. The aliens have also undergone a major overhaul to match today’s high-end graphics tech, but also managing to retain the aliens’ distinctly rara avis visages.

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the game, as it’s set to launch on September 20th, 2018 next month on PC. You can learn more about Star Control: Origins by checking out the Steam store page.


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