Stone, Big Lebowski-Inspired 3D Noir Mystery Heads To Steam This Fall

Convict Games, an Australian outfit made up of ex-Riot Games and former Remedy Entertainment developers, announced that Stone is prepping to release this fall on PC.

The 3D mystery-adventure game is steeped in the indie hip-hop culture scene within Australia, following a washed up detective in search of Alex, his “chookie” who goes missing.

The game was inspired by stoner-culture flicks like The Big Lebowski and counter-culture icons like Charles Bukowski and Thomas Pynchon.

You’ll have to wade through the degenerate lifestyles of anthropomorphic animals in search of Alex. You can check out the announcement trailer below to get an idea of what Convict Games is gunning for.

After receiving a mysterious phone call letting him know that Alex has been kidnapped, Stone is forced to go on the hunt for who’s responsible for Alex’s disappearance. This includes hitting up the local dives, checking out the stoner scenes, and hanging out at nightclubs.

The game is designed to pull no punches when it comes to content, and this was the whole reason that Convict Games came together to make the title, with writer and director Greg Louden explaining in the press release…

“Leaving a stable AAA job in pursuit of my dream project STONE certainly wasn’t easy, nor has it become any easier, but knowing our small team at Convict Games faces almost no artistic restrictions is worth it – we have no obligations, no stakeholders, just the freedom to create whatever we want,”


“STONE is the interactive story I’ve always wanted to tell and play. I wrote, direct, programmed and produced the entire project, and it feels incredibly liberating to break free from publisher restraints and to release STONE completely independently.”

The game will feature music from indie artists Ryan Little, Luchii, Ikka S., Warchief, and James Tottakai to name a few.

STONE - Nightclub

In between searching for clues on Alex’s whereabouts, you’ll also have side-missions and activities as well, including dancing, smoking, and drinking at bars.

I imagine gamers who enjoyed titles like Gremlin Interactive’s Normality will probably take a liking to Stone. You can wishlist the game or learn more about it by visiting the Steam store page.


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