Strange Brigade Trailer Covers Weapon Looting, Game Modes, Character Abilities

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Features

Six minutes of gameplay has surfaced for Rebellion’s third-person cooperative shooter, Strange Brigade. The six minute trailer reveals some of the game’s play modes, as well as the weapons, characters and features you’ll encounter.

The main menu houses a play option that breaks down into three different modes: Score Attack, Campaign, and Horde.

Each mode has its own objectives. The story mode is obviously contained within the Campaign Mode, which can be played either in single-player or multiplayer mode. The campaign also centers around rescuing researchers from the horde of the Witch Queen.

Each of the four characters are also highlighted in the trailer, where we get to see each of their powers and skills on display. You can check out the trailer below from Izuniy.

There are 16 total powers that players will able to unlock, but players can only select one of four special abilities to use during a mission.

Additionally, you’ll be able to loot new weapons throughout the levels as well, including picking up crossbows with explosive ordinance, old-school blunderbuss rifles, pistols, and sub-machine guns.

As you pick up the weapons you can also acquire runes that you can add to your weapons to upgrade their firing capabilities.

The doesn’t take itself seriously at all and is designed to be a generic third-person, cooperative romp through a 1930s-inspired North Africa.

Rebellion has been wise to focus solely on the gameplay and the features of Strange Brigade instead of letting the media write the narrative for them. In fact, they seem entirely focused on trying to lure gamers in with the gameplay rather than any sociopolitical messaging, which is likely a breath of fresh air for most gamers.

Whether or not Strange Brigade is a fun game to play from the consumer perspective is entirely up in the air, but we’ll find out how it fares when it launches on August 28th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.