Studio MDHR Announces Cuphead Sales Reach Over 3 Million

Before Cuphead released to the general public, the game was often ridiculed to never come out of development, or that Microsoft would delay it or cancel it, or that it would be a terrible rushed game at launch. Well, it seems to have proven all of the above wrong and then some, especially now that Studio MDHR celebrates Cuphead’s latest milestone of 3 million copies sold.

Looking past a lot of the assessments and people calling Cuphead a racist game since it used old-school designs as inspiration, the game proved to be something that would find itself in the hearts of many gamers.

It’s also worth noting that Cuphead’s difficulty would help move sales in that a particular games journalist had trouble with it and blew it up through a list of meme videos due to his uncanny lack of gaming skills.

All in all, Cuphead is a solid game and offers folks who are into 2D platformers a nice challenge. Adding on to this are words from Studio MDHR, where the company expresses how they exceeded 3 million units across PC and Xbox One:

“Hello friends! We’re barely past the halfway mark of 2018, and are humbled to announce that Cuphead has already reached over 3 million copies sold! It’s hard for us to express just how appreciative we are to everyone who has played and enjoyed our niche little run & gun game with the wacky rubber-hose characters.


To celebrate this huge milestone, we’re putting Cuphead on sale on Steam and Xbox for the next couple of days! So if you haven’t had a chance to wallop the Devil, it’s a good day for a swell battle!”

The company also announced that Cuphead has a 20% off special for the next few days on the Microsoft Store, and on Steam.

Speaking of Cuphead’s Steam page, it currently boasts recent reviews of “Very Positive” and an overall review of “Overwhelmingly Positive.” You can look for “The Delicious Last Course” DLC to drop for PC and Xbox One sometime in 2019.

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