TendoGames Releases An Update On Resident Evil-Like Game Them And Us

It’s unclear if the Resident Evil-like game that is Them and Us is still slated for a 2018 release, but the developers over the once Steam Greenlight horror-survival title have come forth with new information regarding the game’s development roadmap.

I bet folks following this game thought it was as dead as the zombies in it, right? Well, no. According to two summer updates published in early June 2016 and late July 2018 outline what fans of Them and Us can expect in the coming months.

Firstly, on June 1st, 2016, TendoGames released information that they’ll start a Kickstarter campaign for Them and Us:



We just want to let everyone know that now we have made a lot of progress from the last video we showed here on STEAM. We are going to show you many new things as soon we start our Kickstarter campaign.”

It’s worth noting that nothing as of recent has surfaced pertaining to the horror-survival game’s Kickstarter. Instead what we do know as of this year is that the Kickstarter campaign was likely dropped in favor of a publisher:

“Hi, this message is from the team.


We want to let you know that we have a demo ready that we think you will enjoy very much. Unfortunately due to negotiation with potential publisher we have to delay releasing it. It will be delayed until the negotiation has been concluded, since it is the direct request from the publisher, we have to respect it in order to go forward with the negotiation. Hopefully this negotiation will lead to a better situation for the game as a whole. We will inform you as soon as we have a clear timeline on this situation. It wont take long.


We deeply apologized for this delay and hope for your understanding. We really appreciate your patience and support of our game.


Thank you”

The above letter was published on July 31st, 2018, and details that the game’s demo is complete but they have to wait on their publisher before releasing it to gamers and fans alike.

Furthermore, the Unreal Engine 4 powered game will sport full on decapitation. From the sounds of it, there will be visible and graphic blood and other forms of gib in Them and Us, so if you’re into that kind of stuff you should be elated to know it’s in the game.

Finally, Them and Us was scheduled to release sometime in Q3 of this year. Hearing that the demo is complete and waiting for this mysterious publisher’s approval, expect an update to drop sometime soon.

You can learn more about this game by visiting tendogames.com or by watching older videos right here:


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