The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Remastered Edition Launches August 14th On PC
The Bard's Tale Trilogy

InXile Entertainment announced that The Bard’s Tale Trilogy will launch on August 14th on and Steam for PC. The remastered trilogy contains a completely overhauled take on the classic RPG series, with updated graphical effects, updated sound effects, and improved quality of life features to make it a more ideal way to play through the old-school RPGs.

Port house Krome Studios was in charge of the remaster, and Lindsay Parmenter, the head of development, explained what their approach was to rebuilding the game for today’s PCs, mentioning in the press release…

“By studying the code across different versions of the game, we were able to piece together developer intent and recreate it. Of course, having access to some of the original team members helped, too!”

You can see what kind of work Krome managed with the trilogy via the trailer below.

The DRPG is a throwback to the classic role-playing experience on PC, back before the scourge of political correctness ruining the industry, and censorship running rampant via ideologues.

The game features a uniform playing experience via emulation to reduce compatibility issues, as well as being able to create a party in one volume and having that carry over into the next two volumes.

You can create your own character and have them consistently traverse through all three volumes, and upgrade your spells, acquire new equipment, and even maintain inventory consistency across the trilogy.

The first volume of the trilogy will be available starting August 14th next week, competing with Telltale Games’ release of the first episode in the final season of The Walking Dead. The second volume will be available later on in the fall, and the third volume will round out the trilogy by the end of 2018 during this winter.

You can learn more about the remaster by checking out the Steam store page or the page.


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