The Farm 51 Expects World War 3 Price To Run Between $25-$40

Many gamers interested in World War 3 want to know how much the game will cost, and when a curious fan asks The Farm 51, the response is always “it won’t cost much.” Well, the devs finally gave an estimated range of $24.99 through $39.99.

If you have no idea what The Farm 51’s World War 3 is, the game explores a multiplayer military FPS setting during “a modern global conflict.” Matches in this game can reach up to 64-players, where infantry, tanks, and teamwork are essential to any battle.

If all of that sounds like fun, but you worry that it will cost the standard $59.99 a pop, the devs state otherwise. The game will run for a much lower price than the usual AAA title and is billed to go for $24.99 through $39.99.

You can read over the listing of World War 3‘s price point below:

Back in early June of this year, a curious fan wanted to know what the cosmetic and live service system would be like since folks will need to cough up money to play the game. A developer by the name of Fragir had the following to say:

“We’re not planning on adding any microtransactions during the Early Access phase, since we’d like to put more time and effort into making the game. After EA – only cosmetic, and only if people want it.”

Surely, the state of World War 3 Early Access launch will tell gamers a lot regarding The Farm 51’s business practices, update policy, bug fixes and so on. However, the Early Access build won’t arrive until later this year.

If your interest has been piqued by the potential price point of World War 3, do know that it will drop this fall for PC and might hit consoles if the game does well. You can keep up with this title and the devs by paying, Facebook, Twitter, or its Steam page a visit.