The Low Road, Espionage Adventure Launches On Nintendo Switch August 23rd
The Low Road

Near the end of the month XGen Studios’ The Low Road will launch for the Nintendo Switch on August 23rd. The game is set during the 1970s during the boom of the automobile industry before the Asians dominated the market. The game is a point-and-click role-playing adventure themed around corporate espionage, where players will attempt to spy on key company executives and acquire industry secrets.

The game is inspired by gouache paintings, combining the abstract designs with the sort of free-flowing curvature of 1970s art. Visually the game definitely has its own unique look, and players will attyempt to solve puzzles, complete mini-games and navigate through a surreal world of corporate espionage in order to uncover secrets and disrupt the inner workings of the automobile industry.

The Nintendo Switch version of The Low Road features JoyCon and Pro Controller support, along with background saving, reworked voice acting, and other gameplay enhancements suited for the Switch’s hardware.

The is designed by a Canadian studio, and it seems to have the typical trappings of today’s Leftist-oriented entertainment media. The main character is a female of course, she’s designed with an androgynous body and masculine clothing. Her partner is a black guy, of course. And the game seems to ooze the kind of hipster influence that would appeal to San Francisco denizens.

My Intersectional senses are tingling off the charts here, but for people who are interested in the game and don’t mind those kind of features, you can look for The Low Road to launch on the Nintendo Switch August 23rd.


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