The Sinking City Cinematic Trailer Brings The Twisted World Of Cthulhu To Life
The Sinking City

Frogwares and Bigben Interactive rolled out a new trailer for The Sinking City, the Lovecraftianian mystery game set in dilapidated harbor town. The cinematic looks good enough to pass for a live-action film, which is a testament to how advanced AA games are coming along that they give AAA titles a run for their money in the cinematic department.

The trailer is difficult to put into words because it’s like one part Inception, one part The Mist, all parts Lovecraft.

The trailer sees the main character, Charles Winfield Reed, a veteran from World War I, seeking answers to the mystery surrounding his survival of the downed USS Cyclops. Clues and visions lead Reed to the coastal town of Oakmont in Massachusetts, New England, which was a once thriving industrial gateway to success and decadence, now laying in irrecoverable ruin after a devastating storm passed through.

The trailer gives gamers a glimpse into the mind of madness that Reed possess, and the horrors that he’ll encounter along the way. It’s a well done trailer that’s well worth the watch. Check it out below.

The trailer, aptly named “Death May Die”, is cyclical in nature, seeing Reed trapped within a twisted world where he relives the horror of death over and over again, becoming more twisted each time around.

It’s an interesting setup that maintains the sort of nihilistic nature oftentimes found throughout the Cthulhu mythos and Lovecraft’s stories.

It’s a real shame we don’t get more high-budget, Hollywood-style horror flicks based on Lovecraft’s work, but there’s no shortage of the author’s works reinterpreted for the interactive entertainment crowd.

We still haven’t seen much gameplay of The Sinking City, but the concept and worldbuilding are most certainly intact. Let’s just hope the gameplay loops, combat, and discovery elements are as engaging as the cinematic trailer.

You can keep track of The Sinking City‘s development by heading on over to the official website. The game is due to release on March 21st, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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