Ultimate Fishing Simulator Graduates From Steam Early Access On August 30th
Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Playway and Bit Golem’s Ultimate Fishing Simulator is wrapping up development on Steam Early Access and prepping for its full graduation and release on August 30th at the end of the month.

The game has been in Early Access since the tail end of 2017. The team expected to spend about eight months in development in Early Access, so they’ve kept to their time schedule and managed to secure an August 30th outing.

They’ve spent time working on different kinds of fishing mechanics, item crafting, ice fishing, a radio, an aquarium, multiplayer, and a level editor. The last item is designed to put the power of creation in the hands of players, so they can come up with their very own fisheries and fishing challenges.

To commemorate the news they released a new set of screenshots showcasing the various environments and different types of locations you’ll be visiting in Ultimate Fishing Simulator.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 02 (press material)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 03 (press material)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 05 (press material)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 06 (press material)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 07 (press material)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 10 (press material)

The contains dynamic weather, supposedly realistic water, different camera angles for catching fish including a bait-camera, sea fishing, and four different types of fishing. The types of fishing includes spinning, float fishing, feeder fishing, and ice fishing.

The game has picked up a sizable audience during its Early Access run, so if you’ve been itching for a new fishing sim that includes more than just sitting in the boat casting a line, you can give Ultimate Fishing Simulator a look-see. The current user rating is at very positive, so a lot of gamers have liked what they’ve seen (and played) so far, and are still looking forward to the final version due out at the end of the month.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam for $19.99, but you can wishlist and track the game via the Steam store for when it finally graduates from Early Access on August 30th.


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