UnderMine’s Reveal Trailer Doesn’t UnderMine the Fun

Aw, yes!

It was February, this year, when I came across UnderMine and while it only had a very rudimentary landing page and a host of frankly hilarious WIP GIF’s to sell at the time, the game’s now with its first trailer and a Steam listing.

Funnily enough it also seems to have mellowed down a bit, on paper at least, for last I heard Thorium Entertainment was promising Godzilla-sized rats, explosions, annoying peers, boredom, rickets, alcoholism and homebrew to fall down mine-shafts for. Pretty sure co-operative game-play as well.

In contrast the newly updated press kit is a tad bit mature. Action-adventure, roguelike with a select few RPG elements, UnderMine is the tale of gold-mining peasants working to overthrow the yoke of despotism they find themselves under.

Naturally you’ll have your procedurally generated underground dungeons to explore, each with a separate host of characters, enemies, bosses and hazards to contend with.

Relics and crafted items will grant special abilities, new areas will open as permanent upgrades come to be applied to your character, and you’ll quite often be taken aback by the emergent effects of how the game’s various items/their environments interact with each other.

This until you die of course, following which a new peasant character is granted to continue your descent with the previous run’s items carried over. Any friends you happen upon along the way might also be of potential help.

You’ll notice from all the media clips though that the hilarity is still very much present. The world feels like a blast to run through, the characters are oddly humorous, the bosses bizarre and these emergent environmental effects they’re talking about really do seem to work well.

UnderMine will be at PAX West later this month while release sits scheduled for 2019. I also recommend a stop by Thorium’s Twitter for a few giggles.


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