Valve Will Have A Playable Build Of Artifact At PAX West

Artifact the game stirred up controversy some time back, especially with its August 2017 teaser trailer. Nevertheless, Valve still has hopes that Artifact will be accepted by gamers, hence the trading card game sporting a playable build at PAX West 2018. Valve will ship Artifact to PC gamers on November 28th, 2018, and for mobile users (iOS and Android) sometime in 2019.

Artifact is Valve’s upcoming trading card game, but will we see a similar situation, say, like with PUBG where it fluctuates between “Negative” and “Mixed” reviews but pulls in loads of players? Could we see it sport positive reviews with a healthy player base, or will it have a minuscule player base due to the “outrage” surrounding it?

The good news is that we’ll find out soon before November rolls around, thanks to PAX West. A playable build will be hosted at  the gaming event featuring Richard Garfield and the big V itself: Valve.

The official Artifact website,, details the following information about the card trading game:

“Attendees of PAX West will be able to play Artifact, a collaboration between legendary game designer Richard Garfield and Valve, in the game’s first public showing.


Players will battle each other in a continuous, single-elimination gauntlet for the right to challenge a champion on the main stage. Win or lose, everyone who plays at PAX will earn Artifact merchandise, including signed prints of artwork and two keys for free copies of the game when it is released.”

Additionally, attendees at PAX West will be able to playtest four different decks. For every match in the gauntlet, each player will be randomly assigned a deck they haven’t yet played. If you want to see all four deck types, you can hit up the above link.

It’ll be interesting to see fan reactions to this game given the last showing was welcomed to negative reception.

While we wait for PAX West to reveal the answer, you can learn more about this game by checking out its Steam page.


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