Vince DiCola Premiering New Game Soundtracks At Whiskey-a-Go-Go Concert
Vince DiCola

Vince DiCola – a legendary name in the music business for anyone who cares about quality soundtracks from media entertainment made back in the 1980s – announced that he will be performing at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go venue in West Hollywood, California on September 20th, 2018 next month.

The performance will include a number of tracks that DiCola is famous for, as well as introducing concert-goers to some brand new music from brand new video game soundtracks.

How the whole event came about is kind of interesting, as it wasn’t actually DiCola, but rather his daughter. In the press release DiCola explains…

“Several months ago my daughter took it upon herself to start up a dialog with the folks at the Whisky about the idea of her father performing there.


“After all the details had been worked out I decided to use this opportunity to perform material from my film work and some videogames I scored with my partner Kenny Meriedeth. This will be the first live performance of some of this music, including tracks from the arena fighter Mighty Fight Federation and the sequel to Saturday Morning RPG! I will also be debuting a new progressive rock band called SAGA STAR at this show. This promises to be an exciting night of music so we hope to see you there!”

Yes, DiCola will be starting up an all new rock band called SAGA Star, focusing on progressive rock music, which seems like a dying music genre these days.

Most importantly, though, everyone who appreciated DiCola’s music throughout the years will be able to get a sampling of it at the concert taking place at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go.

For those of you not in the know, this man is responsible for the timeless Transformers: The Movie soundtrack, as well as the music for Rocky IV. He also did the score to Saturday Morning RPG, which included this awesome track here that played during the ending segment of the game.

Some of those performing alongside DiCola at the event includes John Carpenter’s son, Cody Carpenter, as well as George “norg” Nowik from the LonelyRollingStars.

You’ll be able to pick up tickets for the concert for $21.69 by visiting the Brown Paper Tickets website.


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