Vinpok Taptek Introduces Gamers To Ultra Thin Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Vinpok Taptek

Vinpok announced that pre-orders will be opening soon for the Vinpok Taptek, the miniature, fully-functional, ultra-thin, wireless, mechanical gaming keyboard. Yes, those are a heck of a lot of descriptors for a device tiny enough to fit within the palm of a full grown man.

The device is designed to work with both Mac and Windows desktop machines, and is also compatible with mobile devices as well, including Android powered smart devices.

Vinpok wanted to design a wireless keyboard that was minimalistic and fully functionality with some light customization features as well, including 19 customizable RGB LED lights. The keyboard is only 16 millimeters thick, offering gamers a very lightweight design.


According to the press note, the keyboard is also specialized for Macs as well, as far as the layout is concerned. They state that most mechanical keyboards are only fine-tuned for use with the Windows layout, but the Vinpok Taptek has the exact same function keys as Macs.

I don’t know how well this keyboard works under actual stress. Keep in mind that gaming keyboards have to undergo the sort of punishment that accommodate the most arduous of gamer abuse, whether it be repeated taps and smashes in a MOBA or MMO, or key-surfing in Battle Royale games; there is a lot of wear and technical tear that keyboards are put through when it comes to core gaming.

There are no promo videos available of the Vinpok Taptek yet so we don’t know exactly how well it functions in a real-time environment, but you can keep track of progress on the new keyboard and when it will become available for purchase by visiting the official website.

The company plans on opening up pre-orders for the device soon, but they didn’t say exactly how much it will cost or when exactly it’ll ship. So you’ll have to stay tuned in for more info on the super-thin mechanical gaming keyboard.


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