What ARE You, One Zero Three?
One Three Zero

When the trailer to One Zero Three came out last month, I refrained from talking about it until a later date simply because I didn’t have very much to say although I did have much to say. I’m sure you’ll understand my plight.

Dystopia Interactive doesn’t give a lot away; the video shows the player rounding the same corners, walking the same corridors, albeit each time with a different setting of time, props and décor in first person. The music also sounds like it would sit well on the True Detective soundtrack.

The cause for all this being Lily, a mildly introverted child by the sounds of it, who stood out from her peers in her wacky imagination, resilient memory and the ability to create a haven in her mind that’s let her lock up dreams, memories and escape towards from time to time.

A night out with friends doesn’t usually end up well for any one and neither did it for Lily, lending her a terrible experience that’s caused her to hide, suppress and run from the memory altogether. Her haven doesn’t feel all that safe anymore and worse yet, might even bring up a past she’s not too keen on.

It’s up to you to piece together the mess and with promise of a crowdfunding campaign back in July, I was hoping for details on how one would go about doing that. And now that One Zero Three is indeed live on Kickstarter, I’m told that game-play will involve much of what I’ve already been doing with the trailer. Staring.

Well, observation, to put it in a better way, where instructions and riddles are presented in the format of two-picture frames that players must look at for extended periods of time to understand. So too with the environment.

A careful study of which will yield more pictures/objects, puzzles, cryptic messages, characters and events that urge you on in small, yet highly detailed surroundings. Fantastic.

All funds to be used for matters of the legal, business, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch domain of things apart from the conventional December, 2018 Steam release.


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