When Roadkill Robs Your Homework, Lunch on Little Bug
Little Bug

I’m not sure who’s to blame here.

Life Science teacher Ms. Bisbee for encouraging Nyah’s fascination with magic/nature a tad far too much? Or her grandma that loves to recount magical fables when mother and baby sister aren’t around? How about Roadkill the cat?

Eight-year-old Nyah was supposed to be getting home to her homework after school when she happened upon the lifeless body of a cat; a cat called Roadkill whose owner, a powerful spirit of sorts, clearly showed some foresight in naming his pet.

Anyhow Roadkill decides to cast Nyah into The Crossroads, a sort of purgatory or in-between world, inspired by the Californian landscapes in contrast to the very Los Angeles urban setting Little Bug begins in.

There the girl finds her spirit guide, an airborne orb of light that can be manipulated with one stick of a controller while Nyah herself is controlled by the other stick. This twin stick setting lets the duo scale heights, battle evil, obstacles and darkness by creating a telekinetic connection in between.

All this to get back home of course, although I don’t know why we just couldn’t ask Roadkill for directions. Especially when the little bugger will be making a regular appearance to empty Nyah’s lunchbox.

The lunchbox, functioning more like a carry case for the various items à la keychain games, banana slugs and shrooms, not only unravels the game’s lore but also unlocks secret challenge levels that can’t be beat by developer Buddy System either.

Ah. But Nyah’s mother’s missing and maybe she has something to with The Crossroads after all. There’s lots I like about Little Bug after a quick peruse – neon, prop designs, sunsets and the mix-tape that forms its soundtrack.

And I don’t seem to be the first considering it was successfully crowdfunded on fig last year. Now on Steam Wishlists with production apparently at its final stretch. Go make some Buddies on Discord.


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