Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Clone Wars DLC Could Either Fix The Game Or Spark More Controversy

Folks still playing Star Wars: Battlefront 2 are looking forward to the Clone Wars DLC, and at this point, many will accept any new form of content added to the game. However, will EA and DICE be able to provide substantial content via the upcoming DLC or will they stir up controversy once more?

I’m sure there are some people out there who have gotten over the whole loot-box or microtransaction controversy, but that very thing has led to this situation of content drought, which has been confirmed by DICE’s Global Community Manager F8RGE.

In addition to the above, there are people who wanted to know what the game would have been like if the live service that made major headlines stayed. One Reddit user by the name of BDL1998 asked and here’s F8RGE’s reply:

“It would have changed things massively. Launch had more of an impact than most people realise.”

Due to voiced opinions on the matter, the devs had to gut the live system at launch, which coincides with a response made by F8RGE to Reddit user BlackKnight1943:

“We ripped out the spine of the game and replaced it, while it was in a live environment.”

Ever since then, the controversial live service that had gamers and news outlets displeased led to this very situation, where buyers of the second title want to love the game but feel let down by the team as Reddit user Jamiesglynn notes:

“What makes me sad is that there’s still loads of us that love the game and want to support it, but with no resources, you guys can’t give us the content we want. It’s like being in a one sided relationship, and there’s only so much times we can ask for more, and only so many times EA can let us down before we give up.


We WANT to support the game, we LOVE the potential it has, and at this point we just want to know if all our enthusiasm is worth it, or just a waste of time, because EA don’t care anyway.”

To which F8RGE replied:

“For what it’s worth those working on the game feel the same way.”

Well, is Star Wars: Battlefront 2 worth your love and enthusiasm? Well, you can decide thanks to YouTuber Battlefront Knight who touches on the game’s roadmap:

Battlefront Knight also made a follow-up video that details even more on the game’s future content:

If you watched both videos, you’ll know that there’s good and bad news mentioned. With that said, and with limited resources that the team has to work with, do you think EA and DICE will bring something decent out of the Clone Wars DLC and future content or do you think the team will bring something disappointing?

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