World War 3 Gameplay Footage Reveals Infantry And Tank Combat
World War 3 actual gameplay

The gameplay trailer of The Farm 51’s World War 3 at Gamescom 2018 was revealed not too long ago, following that comes actual gameplay footage from a YouTuber. The new Gamescom 2018 PC build of World War 3 displays infantry and tank combat front and center.

Publisher and developer The Farm 51 noted that World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS game set in a modern global conflict. Battles in this game can contain up to 64-players, where infantry, tanks, and teamwork are essential to any battle.

If that sounds like fun, YouTuber LevelCapGaming managed to capture footage of World War 3 at Gamescom 2018, where we get to see things unscripted, raw, and untamed.

In total, the video runs for 12 minutes straight and offers a look at street combat (including both infantry and a mechanized tank) and indoor firefights. Conflicts engaged in the video range where some happen up close, and others are from afar.

Anyway, you can check out and see what non-developer gameplay looks like right here:

Having played Battlefield games, including Battlefield 1, the same vaulting issue is in this game. If you don’t know what it is, the glitch prevents you from properly vaulting over an object to get to a specific area. The drawback to this glitch is that it will place you back to where you last tried vaulting and usually results in you being late to an engagement or shot/killed.

Hopefully, the devs fix this issue because, personally, I find it to be a serious issue that hinders players trying to get to a better or more strategic position.

While we wait for a more polished and public build of World War 3 to hit the scene, do know that it will drop this fall for PC and might hit consoles if the game does well. You can keep up with the game by hitting up or its Steam page.


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