Apple Watch Series 4 New Infograph Watch Face Features 8 Complications
Apple Watch

The tech giant should be quite proud right now, the new Apple Watch Series 4 redesign and re-engineered functionality so far is quite impressive.

One feature on the Watch Series 4 that is getting a lot of attention is the Infograph and the Infograph Modular watch faces. The Apple Developers website describes the Infograph and the Inforgraph Modular as a new way to stay connected to your favorite apps, which allows you quick access into the app on the watch face. The Watch Series 4 has a full color display on its watch face, with what is called Complications. There are eight Complications featured on the Watch Series 4’s face. Complications are described as special functions that are displayed on the watch face to allow quick access into an app.

The Complications are divided into what are called “families”, the first four are considered older Complications which are:

1. Two sets of Modulars – Modular Small, Modular Large

2. Three sets of Utilitarians – Utilitarian Small, Utilitarian Small Flat, Utilitarian Large

3. Circular Small

4. Extra Large.

Now Apple has added four additional Complications, which are:

1. Graphic Corner

2. Graphic Circular

3. Graphic Bezel

4. Graphic Rectangular.

Each of these systemic families determine how the information is to be laid out. Users can customize from the many templates how you want to display your data. A new full color image and gauge provider has been implemented to add color, images, different text, displaying dates, time, countdowns, or count-ups, all this can be customized by the user on the Infograph watch face.

Once the user has customized their Complications, now users can combine a handful of their Complications together, making one multi-tasking string. Once this is done users can now use different templates to display the data on the Watch face. The template Graphic Corner displays data in the upper corner of the Watch Series 4, and remember all of the data can be customize in detail by the user,

The Graphic templates are flexible to use, according to 9to5mac the article states that open gauges sit at the bottom of the inforgraph modular face and present similar information to the corner styles with a different visual presentation. As the article continues it explains how the circular rings can sit at the bottom of the new modular face, or if the user wants to center it on the watch face, it can be done. (see picture display above.) The way that Apple developers have designed the new Infograph, users have more flexibility to customize the Apple Watch Series 4 to their desire. The Apple Watch Series 4 pricing starts at $399 while the LTE version will carry a price tag of $499.

Photo Credit: 9to5mac

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