Battlerite Royale Enters Steam Early access Sept 25th For $19.99
Battlerite Royale

Swedish development outfit Stunlock Studios announced that Battlerite Royale is finally scheduled to become available to wider public starting September 25th, 2018 later this month for $19.99. The game is currently in closed beta testing for select participants (mostly media influencers and game journalists), but it won’t be long before you’ll be able to play the MOBA-Battle Royale game for yourself.

The game will feature both solo and multiplayer options, making it the first MOBA-style game to be crossbred with the Last Man Standing concept.

According to Johan Ilves, the marketing director at Stunlock Studios, the actual gameplay is supposedly a lot different from the current crop of first-person and third-person Battle Royale titles, with Ilves explaining in the press release…

“Our take on the genre differs a lot from the FPS Battle Royale games out there. Battlerite has always been about arcade-like MOBA action, and we want to stay true to the core of it while scaling up the experience and adding new exciting elements,”

The game features 20 different champions to choose from, each with their own styles and skills, along with collectible treasures to utilize against other players on the map. You can see how the game plays out with the trailer below.

The heroes hop down from the air and land within the battlefield and attempt to kill the other players. Much like other Battle Royale titles out there you’ll have an ever-enclosing barrier honing in on players to force them to engage. If you get trapped outside the barrier, it’s game over for you.

Not everyone is on board with Battlerite abandoning its MOBA roots to pursue the cash cow that is the Battle Royale genre. Some of the longtime fans feel as if Stunlock Studios runs the risk of alienating their core audience by splitting the community and forcing them to pay again to access Battlerite Royale.

It’s most certainly a risky maneuver, and just because someone makes a Battle Royale game doesn’t mean it’s going to succeed; just look at The Culling 2 as a perfect example of that.

You can learn more about Battlerite Royale ahead of its September 25th release by visiting the official FAQ page.


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