Blazing Core, Online Mech Game To Hit PC Via Steam On October 18th

Looking for an online mech game to play this October? Well, publisher and developer OctoBox Interactive is looking to release a PC multiplayer team shooter about mech-knights in the form of Blazing Core during the fourth quarter. The game explores “giant robots” under the control of pilots, who must fight around the universe for total supremacy.

Running on the Unreal Engine 4, Blazing Core starts with you in the main hangar tricking out your mech. Here you will find information about weapons and abilities of each war machine. Every mech has several types of main weapons, different versions of modules and one ultimate ability.

You can mix and match weapons and then go to the training ground to see how things work out or you can crash course with bots to discover the strength and weakness of each mech.

Once done finding what suits you, the main mode sees pilots facing-off with other knights in the form of online PvP battles.

In addition to the above, players are divided into two teams and must fight against each other in one of the many stages. The arenas (or stages) have a special point which any team can capture and gain victory points. Teams can achieve a victory by obtaining maximum points or destroying all enemy mechs.

Sounds fun? You can be the judge and read over the official description or watch gameplay footage right here:

“Blazing Core is a team centric tactical shooter featuring mech knights. Adjust your mech according to your chosen playstyle, combine your abilities with those of your teammates, come up with and use various tactics to fight giant battle machines.”

Still leery about Blazing Core? There’s good news for you in that a free version is up to take advantage of by paying the mech game’s Beta Steam page a visit.

Lastly, Blazing Core will release on October 18th, 2018, for PC via Steam Early Access. You can learn more about this game by hitting up


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