Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Gets A Charismatic Smiling Makeover Thanks To A Turd Flinging Monkey
Captain Marvel Makeover

Marvel Entertainment recently released the Captain Marvel movie trailer for the upcoming 2019 film release. The trailer was all kinds of passe and Brie Larson turned in one of the most unconvincing, lethargic performances one could experience within the confines of a two minute trailer. While some actors pop and sizzle with the short run-time of the trailer, Larson certainly did not. Her gold fish depiction of Carol Danvers left a lot of fans disappointed, but not completely helpless. One individual in particular decided to give Brie the much needed charismatic makeover she most certainly deserved.

Now if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out below.

Even in the trailer thumbnail Larson comes across as completely disinterested.

Well, YouTuber Turd Flinging Monkey decided to do a little bit of comic book house cleaning by giving the leading lady a smiling makeover, and it does wonders for wiping the faineant veneer off her visage.

You can check out the images below.

Using FaceApp, the YouTuber decided to use the AI-powered application to turn Larson’s unappealing frown upside down.

The results are rather startling. Instead of the glowering face that Larson makes in the still shots from the trailer, she’s now smiling. Almost as if she’s actually happy to be there.

You can see the larger comparison shots with the images below.

Captain Marvel official Trailer

Captain Marvel Smiles

Captain Marvel - Sullen Walk

Captain Marvel - Turd Flinging Monkey Faceapp

As you can see, adding the smile to Brie’s face makes it look like she actually wants to be there.

Some have criticized Turd Flinging Monkey by saying that the smiling doesn’t fit the context of the scenes, but others have gleefully admitted to being a lot more interested in the character seeing her show some semblance of emotion.

The flat characterization of Captain Marvel in the debut trailer turned off some fans who felt as if there was a disconnected between Larson and the audience. In fact, Geeks + Gamers seemed to sum upa lot of those same sentiments, noting that Larson was “vanilla”.

Others, however, were fine and hand-waved the criticism away by saying that it was just the debut trailer and that she wasn’t in it enough to fully judge her performance.

Captain Marvel is due out in theaters in 2019.


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