Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers Combines Party Racing With Action-Sports On Nintendo Switch

Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers

Unties Games and Pocket’s Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers is like a throwback to the old-school Off-Road games or Excitebike, but it features voxel-designed vehicles and environments, colorfully built to take advantage of the the Nintendo Switch’s hardware. The game recently launched on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.

It features eight-player racing both for local play and for online play, along with 15 different tracks to race across and 20 different vehicles to unlock.

The isometric racing title plays out using typical top-down controls and sports mechanics very similar to the old isometric Off-Road arcade games or Combat Cars on the Sega Genesis. The game features four different combat modes as well, so if you get tired of racing you can also duke it out in a Rocket League style sports game, or other battle modes not too dissimilar to Mario Kart. You can check it out for yourself with the gameplay trailer below.

The soccer game is typically played like Rocket League where one team attempts to knock the ball into the other team’s goal, while the coin mode is based around trying to win the round by collecting the most coins. The smash mode is about physically ramming other opponents in a battle arena, and the paint mode is about coating the city in a paint color, not unlike the mode in Jet Set Radio Future.

There’s a standard single-player mode but you can also play two-player head-to-head, or four-player head-to-head, or up to eight-player head-to-head. You can utilize local play, or the local area network mode, or play online using the Nintendo Network.

It seems like a simple, charming game for people who wanted a classic Off-Road style experience for their Nintendo Switch. You can pick up a digital copy right now from the Nintendo eShop for $9.99.