Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Offline Single-Player Mode Is Free To Download
Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download

Valve didn’t announce that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently free to download. PCGamer is reporting that you can download the game for free right now as an offline version, which allows you to play against bots.

To download the free version simply head on over to the Steam store page.

Simply click on the big green “Install Game” button and you’ll be good to go.

The offline version is limited in its content, giving you only the offline maps and modes to play against bots. If you’re totally okay with not having to deal with screechy-mouthed 12-year-olds and pubescent loud-mouths who need a good belt across the bottom, you can enjoy the quantum of respite against the competitive-only and drama-free company of bots.

The option to purchase the full version is also available, which includes access to the online multiplayer modes, so for those of you who need a high dose of cancer in your online gaming sessions to distract from the aids-ridden cancer that is real-life, you can enjoy the online content with other players from around the world. The full version comes packed with official matchmaking, inventories, skill groups, XP, and official rankings.

I’m not really sure what the angle is here or why Valve decided to make the game free to download for offline play. Perhaps this is a way to lure in more people to play the game and then get hooked and purchase the online version so they can get addicted to loot boxes?

I imagine companies getting fiscally sodomized by the unwavering steel rod of the law regarding loot boxes are going to try to find some way to bring in new eyes to their product now that Belgium and the Netherlands have actually enforced the local gambling laws and prohibited publishers from including loot boxes unless they register for a gambling license.

Anyway, you can download the offline version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive right now from the Steam store page… for free.


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