DOOM Movie Set Photos Showcase The Diverse Cast
DOOM (2019) Movie

New set photos from the upcoming 2019 release of DOOM – a direct-to-DVD low-budget flick from the director of SWAT: Under Siege, Extraction, and Soccer Dog – showcase the film’s diverse cast of characters, as well as a brief look at one of the hallways filled with blood.

User alienlasereyes on FunnyJunk actually posted up some of the old and new set photos from the social media accounts of the actors.

We see the main character, played by Amy Manson.

Along with a shot of what looks like some sort of tech room built into a cave. There appears to be some sort of structural damage, so maybe some demons came through the portal and wrecked a little bit of the place? Or maybe a firefight took place there?

There’s actually a really cool interior corridor shot that’s perfectly lit. The t-junction is littered with puddles of freshly strewn blood. It looks like the demons really did a number on someone or someone really did a number on some demons.

The money shot is the one of the rest of the cast, which hammers home just how diverse they’re trying to be.

This promotion of “diversity” is not uncommon in movie-making these days, but it brings with it an extra layer of baggage for director Tony Giglio and his upcoming adaptation of DOOM due to the fact that there has been controversy erupting over the movie after the lead actresses hinted at replacing Doom Guy.

Obviously a lot of fans were not at all pleased with this potential turnout and began expressing their displeasure on social media, which caught the ire of the director of MAGFest who then told gamers not to show up at the gaming event. Yes, it’s almost as bad as former EA executive Patrick Soderlund calling gamers “uneducated” and telling them not to buy Battlefield V.

The 2019 release of DOOM will supposedly precede the release of the very anti-SJW DOOM: Eternal from id Software.

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