Doom Slayer Chronicles Mod For GZDoom Available For Download
Doom Slayer Chronicles Mod

If you’ve always wanted to play Doom 2 but with the sort of atmosphere and dynamic graphical effects and sound afforded by today’s technology, there’s a new mod from the Bifurcator and the Black Edition Team for GZDoom and Brutal Doom called the Doom Slayer Chronicles.

You can download the 488MB partial conversion mod from over on the ModDB page.

The mod makes a number of massive changes to the game, including physically-based rendered textures with normal and bump-mapping, along with screen space lighting and dynamic reflections.

The team decided to take everything that GZDoom had to offer and push the engine to the absolute max. You can check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay with the video below.

The single-player mod is compatible with Brutal Doom version 21 RC1. This means it features the over-gore, the all new weapons, reloading, iron-sights, and a lot of the improved sound effects and weapon handling.

The mod – for better or for worse – attempts to mimic id Software’s 2016 outing of DOOM when it comes to how it handles the appearance of demons.

During the first level you’ll face off against waves of demons instead of just roaming through the level and killing demons as you see fit.

Not everyone is a fan of facing off against demons via waves, and the stop and go nature of the level design – with glyphs and demon tablets to help flesh out the story – as they feel it slows down the overall pace of the levels.

There’s also the leveling system that has been added, where players rank up and unlock perks as they progress through the game.

The added fog effects, enhanced 3D geometry, and HQ texture work are all commendable efforts by the team, and even if you’re not fond of the more story-oriented pace and hub-based level setup, at least visually the mod has a very distinct look compared to many of today’s games. Some of the commenters noted that it feels more like a modern day Herectic or Hexen. I honestly can’t argue with that assessment based on the levels on display, but I would definitely have to see more before making any snap conclusions about the overall aesthetic of the level design.

You can download the latest version of the mod right now, complete with hardware shaders and full post-processing effects, by visiting the ModDB page.


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