Dreams Off-Screen Footage Reveals D-Bug Demo Gameplay

Media Molecule’s Dreams had a playable build at PAX West 2018 and from it came off-screen footage of the D-Bug gameplay demo. The game in question is all about making stuff and using your mind to create wacky stuff in-game. Dreams has no release date, but it is set to launch exclusively on PS4.

According to the devs behind Dreams, they describe it as a game, game engine, and an art tool. Stuff like narrative-based titles, pointless games, first-person shooters, top-down role-playing games, point-and-click adventures, and mysteries can be made in Dreams.

The good news behind this title is that it’s not just a tool, there will be an actual game to play according to Media Molecule. In other words, if building and creating stuff isn’t something of interest, a playable game will be waiting for you when the game itself launches.

Speaking of Dreams being an actual game, Media Molecule wanted to show off a level from the story mode. I’m not sure if “D-Bug” is the official level’s name, but the devs used D-Bug as a playable test level that you can look over right here.

The first video has no commentary which is by YouTuber b- coli, while the second video is by YouTuber Project Genesis featuring some commentary:

If you happen to be intrigued by what Media Molecule has on hand right now, and you like to build things, this game might be something for you. However, it’s unclear if the game will even release this year or if it will make its long-awaited debut sometime in 2019?

In the meantime, we do know that Media Molecule is working on load times so that stages transition smoothly. I do wonder if this will be applicable to player made levels and stages that don’t even sync up properly?

Anyway, you can stay up on all things Dreams by visiting mediamolecule.com.

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