ELEA’s Out To Recover The Pilgrimage

2093 and a chronic neurological condition has turned the world’s youth into psychopaths. I suspect it has something to do with their cellphones but nevertheless, it’s turned into a problem of such massive proportions that living on Earth is no longer an option.

And so one Ethan and a few intellectual volunteers from across the world decide to step aboard the Pilgrimage, an interstellar craft, and explore a recently uncovered Earth-like exoplanet. Take-off’s smooth and so’s landing, before the Pilgrimage goes into total radio silence.

Thirteen years later Elea Catherine Jones, Ethan’s spouse is having nightmares to the point that she’s experiencing the presence of entities akin to her husband, as the trailer reveals. Now she too decides to hop onto another starship called the Recovery in search of the truth.

And that’s fine and dandy, except that it’s ALL Kyodai wants to tell you or me about this first-person sci-fi experience called ELEA: Episode 1.  Besides things like UE4-powered claustrophobic space environments, vistas and other unexpected scenarios, not much is described of its gameplay for me to decide upon whether a purchase is justified or not.

There’s a reason for that; ELEA’s emphasis is on having the player unravel its narrative through a very heavy emphasis on exploration.

It can be slow and yes it can be short, depending on the amount of time you’re willing to invest in visiting every nook, interacting with the ship’s various physically based distractions, reading journal entries, solving puzzles of the logical kind and so forth.

Very System Shock like then minus the bizarre horror/aliens and added Pink Floyd-like flavor. Visually at least it’s gorgeous and I’ve had a hard time myself picking what media to put on display for you here to see.

After half a year in Steam Early Access, ELEA: Episode 1 was released on the 6th of September with SOEDESCO’s publishing label slapped on. Also on the Microsoft Store with special enhancements for the Xbox One X.


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