Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Coming To PS4, Nintendo Switch In 2019
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 at some point in 2019. The remastered version of the game features the original story that was part of the GameCube outing back in 2003. However, the updated game makes a huge change to one of the best and worst features of the original.

You see, way back when Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles came out, it relied on a rather convoluted system to get the four player mode to work. While one person would play on the GameCube, the other three players had to use Game Boy Advance units in order to take control of their characters via the link cable. It was a really expensive and inconvenient way to pull a four-player cooperative mode out of the game.

Luckily, Square did away with the old system and now allows players to team up both locally and via online play in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. You can either use two sets of Joy-Con controllers, or you can plug in various third-party controllers. In addition to this, there’s also the online multiplayer.

I imagine there’s going to be a lot more enjoyment to be had out of the game now that you can play with friends or family without spending more than $100 for each player.

While the story for the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was fairly thin, it did have a very enchanting art-style and an equally alluring soundtrack put together by Kumi Tanioka. I wouldn’t say that it matched Nobuo Uematsu’s incomparable scores for classics like Final Fnatasy VI, but it did retain its own charm.

The core of the gameplay revolved around carrying out tasks while attempting to push back the Miasma. The player group operated out of a caravan, which was where a lot of the time will be spent traveling to and from villages, forests, and dungeons.

This is definitely one of the rare games that was worth remastering given that it likely didn’t reach the audience it deserved back when it came out for the GameCube, and the whole multiplayer gimmick ruined what could have otherwise been a really cool action-oriented RPG for up to four players.

You can look for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition to launch in 2019 for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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