HellSign, Paranormal Investigation RPG Enters Early Access November 7th

Ballistic Interactive’s HellSign underwent a name change and has been moving slowly towards its release this fall on November 7th when it enters into Early Access. The game was originally Kickstarted back in late 2016 and then gained support from Michael McGannon to pen the game’s main story at the end of 2017.

The game was supposed to be out during the second quarter of 2018, but as noted on the Steam community page, having to change the name from Hellhunter to HellSign caused unforeseen delays due to a trademark issue…

“We are very proud to announce that HellSign will be releasing on November 7th 2018! We know that this isn’t as soon as you all hoped, and we hate not delivering when we say we will. As many of you know, we recently had a major upset involving trademarking issues which resulted in a name change for the game. Dealing with this setback cost us valuable time being two indie devs.”

The game itself is a supernatural role-playing game where you take on the roles of various paranormal investigators who must hunt down and dispose of otherworldly creatures, specters, ghosts, and monsters.

The game plays out very similar to the old Hunter: The Reckoning tabletop board game, except you have to track down the ghosts using a number of investigative techniques. For instance, you’ll need ultra violet lights to pick up on traces of ectoplasm, or use night vision to watch for hidden movements in the dark.

HellSign is one of those slow-burn kind of hunting games where the monsters aren’t just flooding you like in Diablo or ready to give you jump-scares like in Resident Evil. Instead forcing players into the bumptious derivation of running-and-gunning, you’ll need to plan your investigations properly, bring along the right kind of tracking and trapping equipment, and use tactical deliberations in order to survive the encounters.

The game has a fixed story, though, and it will follow your hunter after they wake up from having presumably died, only to find that they’ve been branded by something. You’ll not only have to finish the standard hunts, but also uncover the mystery behind the branding and whatever it is that killed you and brought you back.

You can wishlist HellSign right now or learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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