House Of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn Announced As Unreal Engine 4 Arcade Game
House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

Sega brought back the old House of the Dead series, but not as a console entry. The newest game, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, is a throwback to the 1997 arcade cabinet origins, where the series made a name for itself before landing on the Sega Saturn and on PC. The lightgun zombie shooter’s latest outing is being powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, featuring a number of new levels, story missions, and mini-games.

According to the Japanese media outlet Gamer, the new title features all new zombie action, vehicular segments, and even a contest where you can win an original poster of House of the Dead by playing the mini-game over on the official House of the Dead website, following the official House of the Dead Twitter account, and then completing the mini-game on the website and tweeting out the results to the official Twitter account.

The contest will run from September 13th, 2018 to October 31st, 2018. So you’ll have a full month and a half to participate.

The announcement of the new arcade game also came with a new trailer, covering many of the gameplay elements, enemies you’ll be shooting, and some of the special level encounters.

I’m a little shocked they didn’t try to make the game a virtual reality title, especially given that the game takes place within a specially designed arcade booth, which promises a full body experience.

The game’s two-player cooperative mode is returning as well, and the two main characters are actually attractive, especially the blonde chick in the after-five gown with the long slit up the side of her thigh.

The campy B-movie storyline returns, featuring a continuing from the last games, but this time with Agent Ryan Taylor and Agent Kate Green infiltrating a dinner party in order to stop a biological weapon from being released.

It’s nice to see that Sega still has a sense of humor with approaching the series instead of trying to constantly trying to make the game super-serious and more “realistic” like Capcom and the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake.


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