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12 September 2018

Immortal: Unchained Cheats Give You Infinite Money, God Mode

Toadman Interactive tried their hand at making an AA third-person hack-and-slash shooter called Immortal: Unchained. Instead of having Hollywood-sized set pieces and the typical strong, independent woman who don’t need no man, Toadman focused on making a Soulsborne clone that is heavy on the gameplay and worldbuilding and light on anything that isn’t related to the gameplay. For those of you who bit the bullet and decided to give the game a try, there are actually some cheats available for you.

You can download the first cheat trainer with some free options from over on

The Immortal: Unchained cheats contained within the trailer feature the following options:

  • +500 Bits
  • +1,000 Bits
  • Reset Bits To 0
  • +1 Syringe
  • No Reload
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Ammo +100
  • Low Clip Size
  • Low Ammo
  • Low Health
  • God Mode

There are no special requirements to make use of the Immortal: Unchained cheats, just pop open the trainer and activate the ones you need. There’s even a demonstration on how to make use of the cheats courtesy of a demonstration video you can check out below.

Alternatively you can pay some coin to download a premium trainer from over on Cheat Happens.

The Cheat Happens trainer contains the following options:

  • Credits
  • Reset Health
  • Reset Energy
  • Reset Stamina
  • Reset Current Ammo in Weapon

Immortal: Unchained is like a cross between Too Human, Lords of the Fallen and Dark Souls. You have access to a number of melee and ranged weapons, and while the game encourages you to engage with foes up close, you can use the over-the-shoulder third-person shooting mechanics to take down enemies from afar.

The game sports a futuristic dystopia for you to explore, featuring techno-caverns and cybernetic wastelands. You can pick up a digital copy of Immortal: Unchained for PS4, Xbox One, or on the Steam store for PC. Be warned that the game is still rough around the edges and has a “mixed” user review rating as of the publishing of this article.

On the upside Toadman is working to fix the game and improve the overall playability while squashing bugs. The team has been consistently rolling out patches and taking feedback from the community, so maybe with a little more work and a bit more dedication into polishing up the game post-launch, they might have a sleeper hit on their hands and a sound alternative to the typical AAA drudgery that gamers have been hit with from all the major studios lately.

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