Just Cause 4 Video Previews Biomes And Weather Hazards
Just Cause 4

One of the least talked about action games due out this Christmas season is Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 4. The open-world action game has been underplayed in its promotional shtick, leaving gamers to scramble and claw for information on the game wherever they can.

Recently Square Enix dropped a new seven minute video spotlighting the game’s world and biomes, hoping to palliate the game’s current lack of marketing progress, but still not doing much to put it on the radar above the likes of other big AAA releases this fall.

You can check out the new spotlight video below.

The video covers the large-scale map and the sub-biomes located therein. We see that much like previous games in the series the island is filled with lush tropical foliage and rolling hills that trickle down mountainsides that neighbor bright-white clouds.

We see that there’s a living ecosystem this time around, with animals and various wildlife occupying the different regions of the massive country.

The idea is that the map is designed to spur the curiosity of gamers so that they check out the different locations and sight-see to their heart’s content.

Some of the biomes include rainforests, the grasslands, the alpines, and the deserts.

Just Cause 4 - Animals

Each of the biomes sport different kinds of terrain and topography designed for different vehicles. Also, this time around Avalanche Studios decided to focus on putting vehicles front and center as the mode of transportation. So you have different vehicles to traverse across the different landscapes, including refined vehicular physics so there’s different handling depending on the road surface you’re on.

We also see that the alpines come with blizzards as a weather hazard. The blistering cold and deep snow also makes it difficult to traverse.

Another interesting aspect of the biomes is that the rainforest is thick with trees, making it difficult to traverse through the forest with the wingsuit. The rainforests also have lightning and thunderstorms.

Just Cause 4 - Alpine Roads

The grasslands features a lot of low roaming hills, interstates, and farmlands. The weather hazard in the grasslands includes tornadoes.

The desert sports lots of open spaces and is designed for 4x4s, aerial vehicles, and dune buggies. Deserts also sport sand storms as a weather hazard.

Just Cause 4 is due out on December 4th, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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