Love Esquire Demo Available For Comedy-Harem RPG
Love Esquire Demo

Yangyang Mobile has been teasing gamers and giving them the heads-up about the official Kickstarter launch for the harem RPG, Love Esquire, which is a satirical take on the traditional role-playing H-game where a striking hero beds a bunch of lovely ladies. In Love Esquire gamers actually take on the role of the sidekick to the handsome hero, attempting to help him land a bunch of lovely ladies.

Yes, players will journey through the game world as the Squire, helping the main hero, Hugh, defeat baddies, woo beautiful ladies, and attempt to save the day. A demo for the JRPG-inspired title will be available over on the Kickstarter page starting at some point on September 5th, 2018.

Love Esquire - Princess Beatrice

Unlike other H-games out there, this is an actual RPG. You will have to take into consideration time management of the squire’s day, where you manage how much time you spend socializing with the ladies, raising your skill levels during combat in order to impress the girls, and trying desperately to get the five dateable women undressed by any means necessary.

One of the other neat features in Love Esquire is that the turn-based combat system sees players attempting to use silly antics and skills to distract the baddies while Hugh does all the killing. It’s a neat twist on an age-old concept popularized in JRPGs.

Whether or not you can squeeze six to ten hours out of the experience is up for debate, but the story of a squire training to become a hero before a giant war breaks out, all while attempting to bang as many chicks as possible seems like something you could dive into and have a bit of fun with on a few lonely afternoons.

You will be able to name your hero in the full game, and it will feature multiple endings based on the decisions you make throughout the game. You’ll be able to head to the tavern, train at the barracks, check the wounded at the infirmary, or loiter at the plaza.

Yangyang is also implementing traditional visual novel-style storytelling and character development elements to the game. So in between the RPG leveling and combat sequences, you’ll also have the dating sim aspects in which you’ll attempt to connect with the girls.

The Steam store page is currently live for Love Esquire but you can only get the demo from over on the Kickstarter page.


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