Mad Crown, Dieselpunk Rogue-Like Enters Into Early Access on Steam
Mad Crown

What happens when you combine Eldritch abominations, bio-jacked zombies, cyborg mutants, and mix it all together in a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk universe? Well, you get S-Game’s new turn-based rogue-like dungeon-crawler, Mad Crown.

The game recently entered into Early Access for $9.99, and it’s available right now over on the Steam store.

The single-player role-playing game sees players taking command of an explorer in a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk world. Your character is in search of a legendary crown, but in order to get a hold of the Mad Crown, you’ll need to gather your resources and a team of willing warriors in order to battle through a war-torn world where mutants have ravaged the lands, humans are on the brink of existence, and the last few remaining souls with an ounce of bravery are in search of the Mad Crown in order to unlock its limitless power and restore the world to its former glory.

While the goal sounds noble and the premise seems fantasy-oriented, Mad Crown is more like a trip into the distorted and the bizarre. It borrows a lot of similarities from games like Darkest Dungeon. You can get a glimpse of it in action with the trailer below.

Unlike other games out there where you have a merry band of brave and beautiful heroes out to save the world, the crew you’re stuck with in Mad Crown are nearly just as hideous as the monsters you fight.

Much like Darkest Dungeon there’s a card system in place where you can pick a choose certain skills while combining them with the deck selections.

You can also acquire various buffs and upgrades for your characters, as well as loot new items and gear as you eventually attempt to challenge the gods and obtain the Mad Crown.

It’s a neat little mixture of various genres that shows some promise. The game sports 10 diferrent character classes, 200 items to collect, and penalties for death.

According to the Early Access page, the game is expected to stay in development over the course of the next nine months.

If you were interested in the game or wanted to learn more, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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