Observer, Cyberpunk Thriller Heading To Nintendo Switch

Blooper Team announced that their critically acclaimed cyberpunk thriller that takes gamers through futurist mind-trip, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch. During this year’s PAX West weekend the developers made the announcement, indicating that Switch owners could look forward to seeing Observer on the hybrid console.

They don’t say much about the Switch version at all, actually. The press release focuses instead on the actual content of the game, which follows a special operative named Daniel Lazarski who works as a neural detective. They call people like Daniel, “Observers”.

Players will have to follow through with an investigation at a rundown apartment complex in the slums. The game is very methodical insofar that you need to talk with NPCs, scour the environment for clues, and uncover the mystery behind several gruesome deaths that have taken place within the building.

Narratively it’s one of those games that sinks its teeth into you and never lets go. It has a slow burn story, but I think Blooper Team did a fantastic job of unraveling it in a way that kept gamers intrigued up until the end.

That’s not to mention that the legendary Rutger Hauer lends his voice and likeness to the character of Daniel Lazarski, bringing him to life in a fairly believable and sympathetic way.

Observer is basically the kind of cyberpunk game that a lot of people probably hoped Cyberpunk 2077 would be like; something dark and foreboding, steeped in cybernetic addictions and virtual havens. Instead we got a mish-mash of what looks like Tumblr fan-fiction brought to life in a bright and colorful envisioning of a futuristic multicultural California that lacks any kind of substance or depth whatsoever… basically like the typical resident of San Francisco.

Anyway, you can look for Observer to make its way to the Nintendo Switch, but they don’t say when.

You’ll have to stay tuned in over on the official Observer website for a release date.


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