Project DownFall To Bring Trippy FPS Action To PC, Xbox One And Switch

Indie dev team MGP Studios has a new game in the works named Project DownFall. The First-person shooter draws inspiration from films like Hardcore Henry and John Wick and is currently set to release on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Project DownFall is still in development and progress is still being ironed out hence the “reveal prototype” plastered over the latest trailer. But if you’re into first-person games that sport strange enemies, and trippy aesthetics, then you might find Project DownFall to be interesting.

Gameplay mechanics such as dual-wielding weapons, kicking down doors, enemy decapitation, and melee combat is present in this game. I’m not sure how the final product will turn out at launch, but you can get an idea right here thanks to MGP Studios’ YouTube channel:

“A short mashup from the prototype of Project DownFall. A dynamic, stylish, trippy and brutal FPS with adventure elements. Bust through the multiple levels inspired by the likes of HardcoreHenry, or John Wick. Self-medicate to give yourself an edge in combat, so pop those pills and grab your guns… and embrace your Downfall!”

According to the dev, combat is said to play out close to F.E.A.R. or even Hotline Miami. Shootouts in Project DownFall end quickly since you or enemies can die in one or two shots. To avoid death, popping pills and self-medicating can slow down time or grant new benefits.

Speaking of new benefits, a large selection of weapons and tools are at your disposal in this game. However, no list of weapons and tools have been provided yet.

If that sounds like fun, Project DownFall includes adventure elements, too. I’m not sure how these mechanics play out since the devs offered no rhyme or reason behind said elements, but judging from the trailer, I think the game will offer up areas that you can explore and re-visit.

Project DownFall has no release date yet, but if you want to stay up to date on this game, you can head on over to its Indiedb page.


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