RAM Pressure, Sci-Fi Tactical Military Game Heads To Steam In Early 2019
RAM Pressure

Russian game developer GDT and Russian publisher QuadCom Interactive announced that a brand new third-person, tactical military game called RAM Pressure is scheduled to release in the early first quarter of 2019.

The game attempts to combine the turn-based gameplay mechanics of X-Com with the close-quarters military tactics featured in the original Rainbow Six.

The story centers around the near future Earth that has been hit with a meteorite swarm from hostile alien species. The meteorites seem like typical falling asteroids from space, but really this is the alien’s way to mask their invasion of extermination. Secret government organizations are put together to eradicate the alien menace in secret, keeping the news from the general public while ensuring the safety of humanity.

Yes, the plot is literally just X-Com.

Players will take on the role of mercenary squads sent to investigate the crash sites and exterminate the alien lifeforms while retrieving their technology for research purposes. You can see what the gameplay is like with the debut trailer below.

The game isn’t just about killing aliens and retrieving their equipment. It’s also about uncovering the government conspiracy centered around the acquisition and utilization of the alien technology that secret organizations plan on using to control the world’s population.

The actual gameplay is still grid-based like X-Com, but has much higher graphics fidelity, and a much stronger focus on utilizing the environment to your advantage.

Physical destruction also plays a heavy role in navigating the maps and taking out opponents. You can also setup bag-and-tag techniques where one squad mate can rig a wall with explosives while another can be in overwatch mode so that once an enemy becomes visible they can take them out.

In addition to the single-player story mode, there’s also going to be a multiplayer component as well. You’ll be able to customize your squad from 12 different classes with 160 upgradeable skills, and gain access to more than 100 different guns across 10 different weapon categories, including classic, modern, and alien weapons.

You can learn more about RAM Pressure by visiting the official website or you can add the game to your wishlist via the Steam store page.


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